Our Virtual Neighbourhood: International Pride Day Event

Presented by TD | Proudly created and brought to you by Kids Up Front.

As we all know, COVID-19 has drastically changed the lives of children across all regions of Canada. School closures, disrupted routines and the loss of recreational opportunities have, and continue to, affect the development, both physically and mentally, of young people. In an effort to support children across our country, Kids Up Front created the Kids At Home program, an extension of support by providing access to meaningful experiences at home.

A very important part of our Kids At Home Program is what we call “Our Virtual Neighbourhood”, presented by TD. This program connects children and youth through virtual events that share positive messaging, create new interests and promote inclusion, while educating and inspiring growth around important topics and connections to community.

Each chapter across Canada put together a virtual event surrounding a day of significance. In Vancouver, we did ours on June 28th for International Pride Day! We were lucky to have two outstanding guest speakers join us live with inspiring and insightful topics!

Check out the video below of the event!


Special thank you to Denis Vachon and Coach Carey for joining us and making our International Pride day a success!

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