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How You Can Help

Every year, Kids Up Front Vancouver provides approximately 26,000 experiences to kids and families facing barriers in our community. Throughout the year, there are many specific experiences requested that we never receive the donations to fulfill. Our Wishlist catalogue is a way for YOU to fulfill those unmet wishes and make smiles and joy a reality!

Why We Do It

Kids Up Front has a worthy mission to create joy, promote inclusion, and strengthen communities by connecting children and their families to enriching experiences. While fun and enriching experiences are commonly viewed as a luxury, we want children to participate fully in cultural and artistic life and encourage equal opportunities for culture, artistic, recreational, and leisure activity.

Research has shown that recreation and leisure is an important part of mental health. Access to enriching experiences alleviates social issues, improves quality of life, promotes physical activity, and is overall beneficial (Baur & Tynon, 2012; Bedimo-Rung et al., Bricker et al., 2016; Chiesura, 2004; Powers et al.,2021). They create bonding experiences, community engagement and opportunity for equal access.

Other Ways to Help

Tickets: The experiences we provide rely primarily on in-kind donations of tickets, classes, and passes to local experiences. If you’ve purchased tickets to an upcoming event and can no longer use them, donate them to Kids Up Front!

Money: Our office operates with a small and mighty team. We wouldn’t be able to get these experiences into the hands of kids and families without the financial support to make it possible!

Time: Volunteer and join our Board of Directors and help guide the future of our organization.

Donation Catalogue

Set Up Monthly Donations

As little as $10 a month can add up to a priceless gift for countless deserving kids.                                       Donation is secure and easy through Canada Helps.