Our Goal

The Muse-i-am programs provide invaluable experiences that can inspire a lifelong passion for exploration and discovery. We share tickets to museums and offer tours and amazing programs to enhance and educate children.

The Muse-i-am (Museum) program offers children and youth providing an immersive and interactive experience. Through our partnerships with museums, children can explore various subjects and expand their knowledge in a hands-on way with this multisensory approach which can enhance their understanding and appreciation of what they’re seeing.

Museums encourage curiosity and critical thinking, stimulating children’s imagination and creativity. They expose kids to diverse cultures, art forms, scientific discoveries, and historical events, broadening their perspectives and fostering a love for learning. Additionally, museums promote sensory experiences, allowing children to see, touch, and sometimes even hear or smell artifacts, artifacts, and specimens.

We thank our Kids Up Front partners for providing memorable experiences and opportunities for kids to learn, grow and be inspired.


Thank you for your generosity and kindness. We appreciate and are very happy for what you have done for us. You guys are super awesome!

Unit 302, Glenrose Hospital

"The kids feel: 'I do fit here, I’m part of society, I’m part of community.' They have something to talk about with peers when they come back from the weekend. It’s about normalizing things for kids."

John, Agency Coordinator

Our staff and youth are enormously thankful for the generous offering! Our budget does not allow us to give our children the opportunity to participate in activities such as this one

Bill, Agency Coordinator

How you can help

Donate Money

If you wish to donate directly to the Muse-i-am program, please contact our office and let us know! The more support we receive, the greater the impact we can have.

Donate Tickets

Do you want to send a child or youth to a museum? Please purchase tickets and we will ensure kids are able to visit a museum and access our Muse-i-am programs. Donate today!