Return to Events: FAQs

Exciting news!

Although we are far from being through the COVID-19 pandemic, events are starting to open again. This provides the much-needed connection to community that we’ve been missing for so long!

With the return to live events, we wanted to address a few potential questions that you may have.

Q: What is Kids Up Front doing to ensure the safety of those who attend?
Restrictions and requirements to attend events are ultimately up to the venue, the province, and the recipients. It is up to the recipients to decide if the safety measures in place are something that they are comfortable with, although we strongly recommend following provincial safety measures.

Q: Will your at home programming continue now that events are coming back?
Absolutely! These programs and experiences are not a band-aid reaction to the pandemic, but rather a sustainable and long term solution to a pre-existing problem: how to bring experiences to kids who may not be able to attend live events or feel comfortable doing so. We plan to keep these new initiatives for as long as they are desired by our kids and families.

Q: Isn’t Kids Up Front worried about a 4th wave shutting everything down again?
Yes! We are aware that there is a possibility of a 4th wave causing events to once more be shut down. While we acknowledge and adhere to all safety protocols and public recommendations, we are absolutely taking advantage of the opportunity to get kids to live events to laugh and have a much needed break from current circumstances if they feel comfortable doing so.

Our priorities are with the health and safety of our community while providing a diverse range of experiences to be safely enjoyed.

Have any additional questions, concerns, or comments? Send us an email at [email protected]!


The Team at Kids Up Front Vancouver