Kids Up Front: COVID Response and Update

For the last 16 years we have been lucky to work alongside 100 child serving organizations in the lower mainland to provide them with hundreds of thousands of opportunities—from sporting events, concerts, theatre and more! We are excited to continue to offer large-scale events when it is safe to do so; but in the meantime, we have been busy adapting to the changing environment and have some exciting things to share! 

With a pause caused by a global crisis comes a rare opportunity to look objectively at our mission, the way we structure our programs and make room for improvement. We believe we have done just that! After taking a step back, we realized there were some pieces missing that are integral to our overall mission. In addition to our traditional distribution of donated tickets, we have expanded on this: for the first time in our history, Kids Up Front is creating our own events and experiences to distribute!

We listened to the needs of our community and now we can fill the gaps. This means, during the current pandemic, we can offer opportunities safely—whether it is virtual or distanced and outside following public health guidelines.  

This is not a ‘Band-aid’ reaction to the pandemic, but a new facet of our programming that will remain and grow long after the pandemic is over. There are always limitations to folks, such as transportation, health issues, and lack of support that prevent kids and families from physically going to events. We want to bring opportunities to them to make enriching and FUN experiences accessible to EVERYONE.  

We have all learnt this year the plight that disconnection from one’s community and isolation from our external environment can have on the human spirit. The children and families we work with face these day-to-day obstacles regardless of a global pandemic. We hope that the current situation helps us to empathize with those who often get left behind. If you’d like to support these new initiatives and provide families with bonding experiences during these hard times, please head here to donate!